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The very concept of the BUDFITTER hardening tub is “cool” literally and metaphorically.

Its cool water brings refreshment and vitality, while its modern design and innovative functions represent the “cool” trends in the world of wellness and toning. This product will keep you cool and invigorated!


Regular hardening has been proven to strengthen immunity, improve blood circulation, promote fat burning and regeneration. With this product you will achieve excellent training for body and mind!


The BUDFITTER cooling tub represents an uncompromising combination of elegance and durability. It is designed with an emphasis on unbreakability, strength and high durability, making it the ideal partner for those who expect maximum performance in every situation.

With its solid construction and durable materials, BUDFITTER guarantees long life and trouble-free operation. It is extremely strong, withstands the demands of everyday use and remains in perfect condition even in demanding conditions. Safety, reliability and durability are key characteristics of this tub.


Weight: 30 kg Inner / outer diameter: 1040 mm / 1140 mm Height: 870 mm Volume: 547 l Material: robust double PP-E shell


To highlight the uniqueness of your hardening experience, we have expanded the possibilities of the BUDFITTER tub with a modern waterproof LED backlight that transforms the atmosphere and adds an artistic element to the space. BUDFITTER is characterized by its adaptability, and this innovative cooling tub allows you to individually adjust the atmosphere according to your preferences thanks to the LED lighting. These aesthetic improvements create a unique experience. With the BUDFITTER cooling tub, you can achieve a perfect harmony between practicality and visual impression, making your cool refreshment a visual pleasure.

This innovation allows you to experience hardening in different light conditions and thus create an ideal relaxation environment exactly according to your preferences.





You will appreciate the main advantages of the BUDFITTER hardening tub every time you use it. It is light, durable and easy to carry to the terrace, balcony or anywhere in the garden.

The double shell  ensures that the water never freezes deep. The lid protects the water and extends its shelf life. With the use of hanging hooks, the lid also serves as protection and a shield against uninvited views from the outside.

The steps allow you to easily enter the cold water and you can also use them for fitness exercises.

BUDFITTER has a built-in durable drain tap, which will always make it easier for you to change the water.