Try to enter the cold waters. Attach the Durasteps steps and the height of the BUDFITTER HARDENING TUB will no longer be a problem. Light and durable, also suitable for fitness exercises with a hardening effect.

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” Such stairs to heaven, I would like to build for you…” is sung in one song. We built exactly such stairs at BUDFITTER. Just two steps up the DURASTEPS steps and you are in the bathtub. No more tiptoeing or wondering how to gracefully get into the tub.

You will find four parts in the package. Folding the stairs is a matter of moments thanks to the simple click system.

Color of stairs: Black


  • width 66 cm x height 38 cm x length 68.5 cm
  • 19 cm from the ground to the top of the bottom step
  • 19 cm from the bottom step to the top step